Spring Bear News

Last winter most of the Brown Bears didn`t hibernated due to the mild winter. They were active throughout the winter months and some regulary visited our feeding station. Several mother with their older cubs but other females without cubs were seen too.

Bear footprint Bear footprints, a clear sign of Bear activity (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

bears playing Playing cubs while their mother supervising from the distance (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

bears playing Playing cubs (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

bear A female Bear in March (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)


Brown Bear A female Brown Bear (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Once in early spring we had a Lynx sighting in front of our hide too.

Lynx It was too dark for a sharp image but even so a memorable sighting (Photo: Zsolt Babos)

Later in April and May the activity become much more obvious and we witnessed so many nice moments. The main feeding area becomes a popular sight at any time of the day.  If no food had left some started grazing grass or the younger cubs started playing, tree climbing, and fighting like small kids do.

bears on the tree Bear cub climbing (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Bear cub on the tree Cubs can easily climb to a tree (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Brown Bear A mother Bear standing tall becouse heard something strange (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Bear cub Cub having an apple (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

wet cub A wet cub (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Bear looking A young cub standing tall and looking to a rival (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

bear A blonde young Bear (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

At the end of April the mating season started.  The silent period ended and male Bears started visiting the site but not for food…

male Bear A huge male Bear visited the site (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

male Bear Another male Bear with fight markings on his body (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

male and female Bear Male and female Bear (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

odd looking male Bear An odd-looking male Bear (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

The mothers of two year old cubs chased quite aggressively their almost independent `babies` until she having a `lover`. Males could be a serious treat for the young’s this time. Dominant males fallowed the female constantly to ensure he will be the father of the newborn babies.  In a silent period of the day the female met with her cubs briefly. Cubs this time were very noisy and begging milk to calm down a bit.

Bear family Breastfeeding mother Bear (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

It was interesting to see the lovers of each female Bear had. More dominant and mature females had the most beautiful males as a mate, while younger females had the most odd-looking males possible.

Good to see we still have a healthy population of Bears in the Carpathian forests!

Next summer we are expecting at least 2 young families in front of our main hide so keep visiting this blog time to time for new information`s.



Sakertour team




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