Brown Bears and Woodpeckers

Early Spring short break type tour to Transylvania in order to see Brown Bears and Carpathian Birds. We had a wonderful 4 days of birding here with our partner company guests and, despite the cold weather the group encountered 113 birdspecies plus 8 Brown Bears in a very good light condition!

the groupLooking for Three-toed Woodpecker (Photo: Jim Bennett)

tree-toed woodpecker Female Three-toad Woodpecker in a drumming tree (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Every spring is a bit different here in the Carpathian Mountains and this year was a bit unusual in that even during the tour (16-20 April) snow was forecast. Above 1400 metres the Carpathian Mountains were still snow covered due to the fresh falls from earlier in April. Because of this situation we could not visit the higher elevation habitats, but even so we managed to find most of the high-altitude targets. We were especially proud to find all 10 of the European woodpecker species within this short time of birding. The highlights of the tour was the `Woodpecker Forest` where we saw six species of woodpeckers in a very nice oak woodland; then a mother Bear with two young cubs in front of the hide; Wallcreepers at Bicaz Gorge; young Goshawk in front of the Bear hide and  an impressive flock of 70+ Ring Ouzels!

Brown Bear family Brown Bear family (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Brown Bear Carpathian Brown Bear (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

woodpecker watching At the so called `woodpecker forest` where we sow 6 species of Woodpeckers (Great Spotted, Middle Spotted, Grey-headed, Green, Black and White-backed Woodpecker)

white-backed woodpecker White-backed Woodpecker (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

black woodpecker Black Woodpecker (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

middle spotted woodpecker Middle Spotted Woodpecker (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

crested tit Crested Tit (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

goshawk Young Goshawk came to chase Stock Doves in front of the Bear Hide (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

lesser spotted eagle Lesser Spotted Eagle (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

dipper Dipper (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

white stork A pair of White Stork (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

You can read the detailed trip report HERE


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